Linfa scarl is a non-profit consortium founded by public institutions, such as universities, and companies working in research and the development of innovative technology.  It was established in response to the invitation of the Ministry of Education University and Research with D.D. 713 / Ric. October 29, 2010 on the set up and consolidation of important Areas of Technology and public-private laboratories,

The company aims to promote excellence in the scientific and technological field, by attracting investment in advanced technology production sectors, contributing to the mutual strengthening of technical-scientific skills of its members, as well as reinforcing the southern Italian, national and international research system. Its background is based on solid technological, industrial, economic and production experience, on the founding partners that depends directly on: the successful attainment of numerous  projects aimed at scientific progress, the sharing of applied research, internationalization, higher education training  and regional development.


Reference Areas

The main areas of company expertise are:

– technology transfer of innovations

– production and marketing of agricultural and food products of excellence,

– the proposal and realization of national and international research projects

-specialization and training in various sectors

-technical and research consulting and certification of quality systems

-internationalization of production, local process systems???

– providing opportunities and diffusion of “best practices” through the organization of events.

-social initiatives??? directed to the development of the Third Sector (Public-private partnership/collaboration/organization/companies/???


The common objective is to cooperate in a synergistic manner for the implementation of activities, directed not only to the individual interest, but also to that of the whole LINFA colletive through:


-Intensive interaction between companies and between the companies and research instiutions;

– The joint use/utilization/management?  of infrastructure and equipment made available for research activities and technological innovation;

-Exchange of skills and technologies

– networking and information dissemination among the companies  that belong to the LINFA collective


LINFA is based in Vibo Valentia, all partners collaborate in synergisms in the sharing of specific know-how.

The team consists of:

  • University of Naples “Federico II” (Departments of Agriculture and Pharmacy)
  • University of Studies Mediterranean of Reggio Calabria (Department of Agriculture)
  • National Research Council – Institute for Sustainable Plant Protection (CNR IPSP);
  • Santa Rita Srl
  • Cosvitec Scarl
  • Wild Orange Srl
  • Mater Scarl